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5 Super Simple Tips to Creating Content That Delights Your Audience

As an online entrepreneur, you are no doubt creating tons of content to market your business and at times, it can get overwhelming. However, it is possible to make creating content that delights your audience an enjoyable task without spending a ton of time doing it.

1) Find Out What Your Audience Wants to Learn

The best and fastest way to create engaging content that converts prospects to buyers is to find out what your audience wants to learn about. This is super simple to do by creating a poll on social media, or by emailing your newsletter subscribers to ask them. Better yet, you can create a market research survey for your newsletter subscribers. Whichever method you choose will help you create content that your audience will actually consume and, the very act of asking them what they want can help convert them from audience members to raving fans.

2) Save Time by Batching Your Content
Block off time for content creation and create several pieces in one specific block of time that you designate each week. You’ll find that once you get your creative juices flowing, that you’ll be able to keep going with creating each new content piece. And it will save you time in the long run, rather than trying to get your creative juices flowing for just one piece of content per day. Getting in the habit of batching your content is a simple way to save yourself some precious time. All batching means is that you group similar tasks together during specific blocks of time during your week.

3) Repurpose Your Content
If you’ve been creating content for a while then it’s likely that you’ve built up a large bank of blog or social media posts, videos or podcasts that you can repurpose. After all that time and effort, why not use what you have? You can easily repurpose blog posts into a series of social media posts or go through all your old social media posts to create some new blog posts. Check your analytics to see what resonated most with your audience and expand on that topic.

4) Get to Know Your Audience
Ask your audience what type of help they need or what they are currently struggling with. Take those answers to create content that solves their problems. You can also do some research in in niche specific Facebook groups and forums. Take note of the questions that come up again and again and create content that answers those questions. Of course you can chime in when you see a question posed in a group and answer it right then but then expand on the topic in your next content piece and then, if the rules allow, go back and post a link to your blog post in that group.

5) Focus on Storytelling
Everyone loves a good story, especially if there is a happy ending. Every so often, you should focus on storytelling in your content in order to make it more engaging. For example, rather than simply sharing why someone should hire a virtual assistant, tell a story about how you helped a past client. Include information about their struggles at the start of your journey together and then how their business was transformed after working with you. Maybe you helped them gain more followers, get more organized or, attract more clients.

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