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10 Tasks Solopreneurs Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

There is a large variety of virtual assistants available to help you with just about anything in your business and below are the top 10 tasks solopreneurs can outsource to a virtual assistant. You’ll just need to do some research to find the right VA who can help with the projects you want to offload.



You are a busy solopreneur and managing dozens of different tasks during your day and feeling like it might be time to hire some help. A virtual assistant can help but you might be wondering what specific projects you can offload to a VA. The phrase virtual assistant is an umbrella term that describes virtual helpers who can assist you with anything from answering emails to building a sales funnel for you.



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Top 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

1) Answering Emails/Customer Service
If you have emails falling through the cracks or it’s taking you days to answer them, this is an excellent task to hand off to a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant can even help you create canned email responses that fit your brand voice to make answering emails less time-consuming. Or you may want to hire a VA for customer service related telephone calls.


2) Calendar Management
As a busy solopreneur, if you have a lot of meetings, calls, and speaking engagements, having someone else manage your calendar might be beneficial for you.


3) Data Entry
Your virtual assistant can handle data entry and almost all administrative tasks. From spreadsheets to organizing student feedback, anything that includes essential data needs to be set up and organized.


4) Social Media
A social media VA can help with graphics creation, writing and scheduling content.  This is great for someone who doesn’t want to hand their social media over entirely to a social media manager but still needs some help.


5) Website Updates/Blog Management
Updating plugins, changing links, adding countdown timers, etc. Minor website updates may not take a lot of time, but if you have a lot of them needing to be done throughout the month, it can add up.


6) Creating Graphics
A virtual assistant can help you create graphics for your business. While your virtual assistant might not be skilled in graphic design, you can still assign these tasks by providing easy-to-use Canva Templates.


7) Market Research
Market research is a great way to brainstorm your offers, products, and audience, but it takes a lot of time. There’s no need for a CEO to spend all of the time doing the time-intensive research. Market research-type tasks can be handed off to your virtual assistant, who can put all of the research into a handy Google Doc for your review.


8) Member and Student Support
If you have a lot of clients or students, your virtual assistant can easily help out with this. If you have a membership or a lot of courses, this can become a more significant part of your day. It’s also one of the most important tasks because we always want to ensure our clients, members, and students get the attention and support they need.


9) Event Support
Event support is a specialized service, but most virtual assistants can help you with a large chunk of the tasks involved in running an event, whether an in-person retreat or a virtual summit. Whatever tasks you choose to pass along to your VA, they will help you stay organized and keep you from getting overwhelmed.


10) Bookkeeping
If you find that you’re getting behind on bookkeeping related tasks and you’ve lost track of where your financials are at on a month to month basis, this might be a really good function to hand over to a bookkeeping VA to keep you organized. You’ll appreciate it when tax time comes.

Many solopreneurs resist hiring a VA until well after the time that they should. A virtual assistant can help you grow your business and your income by taking time consuming tasks off your plate or responsibilities that take you away from revenue generating activities. Resist the urge to control every aspect of your business and consider reaching out to a VA for help.  Reach out to me today to book a free discovery call to discuss your needs.