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Pinterest Growth Strategy

Pinterest Growth Strategy: your Monthly Activities for Success

In this post, we are presenting a Pinterest growth strategy to help you succeed with this social media platform.  Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine that has the potential to drive tons of traffic to your business, your blog and your offers.

1) Pinterest requires consistent pinning

In order to succeed with Pinterest, you need to be consistent with your pinning. That’s right – just like with any other social media platform, if you want to see results from Pinterest, you need to put in the effort on a regular basis. Whichever niche you’re in, be sure to stick with content that is relevant to your audience. You can pin blog posts from your own blog or from other people’s blogs but you should be doing so daily. To make this process way easier, you should be utilizing the approved Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind. Then you can schedule out your content once or twice per month and be far more efficient with your time.

2) Perform Pinterest Keyword Research Regularly

As with any search engine, you will want to do your Pinterest keyword research ahead of creating your pins and boards so that you can greatly increase your chances of your content being found. There are a variety of ways to do Pinterest keyword research but whichever method you choose to find those keywords, do additional reasearch on a monthly or bi-monthly basis so that you can keep you with any emerging trends. Keep a keyword bank that you can refer back to each time you create a new blog post, pin or board.

3) Create New Pins for Your Most Popular Content

Check for your most popular pins on Pinterest and either create additional pin designs or, create additional content around that topic. And don’t shy away from changing up your pin designs with different colours or fonts. Have fun with the process but the key is to do your research and monitor where your time can be best spent.

4) Check Your Pinterest Analytics

Monitoring your Pinterest analytics can give you valuable insights into how your pins are performing and what kind of content is resonating with your audience. But doing it more than once per month can make you crazy. There will be daily fluctuations with how your pins and content are performing so that checking more than once per month will make it difficult to make decisions around your strategy.

For example, let’s say you have a pin that has very low impressions, in this case you might want to research your keywords again and tweak them in your pin title or description. Or, let’s say you have a pin with tons of impressions but no or very low click throughs, you might want to consider changing the pin design.

In closing, your Pinterest growth strategy is going to take time and effort to see results but, they will come if you follow the above suggestions to do your keyword research, and monitor your analytics and make course corrections along the way. However, if you feel like all of this will be too time consuming and your ready for help from a Pinterest Specialist, visit my services page and reach out to me for a discovery call.