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Tips for Writing Optimized Pinterest Pin Descriptions

Pinterest happens to be one of the most popular social media platforms out there and pin descriptions are key to succeeding with the platform. If your goal is to attract an audience with Pinterest, then put your focus on optimizing your pin descriptions. Optimized Pinterest pin descriptions will increase your chances of your target audience seeing your pins and clicking through to your offer.


Below we discuss what makes a good pin description and how it can ensure that your success with Pinterest as a marketing platform.

The Reason Pinterest Pin Descriptions Are Essential:
Using the correct keywords is essential for writing optimized pin descriptions for a couple of reasons:

1) It allows the Pinterest bots to read what your pin is about.

2) It enables your target audience to find your pins when you’re descriptions include the keywords they are using in their search.

Pinterest is a visual search engine first and foremost and so your pin designs are what attracts attention and encourages people to click through. However, the pin description is what Pinterest uses to determine whether or not to show it to them in the first place. This is the reason why pin descriptions are such an important part of any Pinterest strategy.

Tweak Your Pin Descriptions:
When creating 3 or more pin designs for each new piece of content, you’ll want to write a new pin description for each new pin design. The reason for this is that you may have a lot of keywords for your content but using them all for one pin might get you penalized for keyword stuffing. So, tweak your pin descriptions a little for each one.

So taking this post that you’re reading as an example, I might want to use the keywords “Pinterest marketing tips” for one description and then “Pinterest marketing hacks” for the next one. In essence, I can write one optimized description and then tweak the keywords a little each time.

How To Find Pinterest Keywords:
Knowing how to write optimized pin descriptions won’t do you any good without doing proper Pinterest keyword research beforehand. So, how do you find the perfect keywords to use for your pin descriptions?

While there are a lot of tools for doing keyword research, below are a couple of my favourites that are specifically for Pinterest:

1) Use the Pinterest Search Bar:  Just start typing your topic in the Pinterest search bar and see what comes up as suggestions. Make sure you click the drop down arrow for ‘All Pins’ otherwise it may bring up ‘Your Pins’ instead. Then jot down any keyword suggestions that are relevant for your content.

2) Pinterest Trends Tool:  Another great option for keywords is the Pinterest Trends Tool. It will give you lots of great ideas for trending topics and interests and it will also provide the search volume.

If you incorporate these suggestions and take a little more time with your pin descriptions to ensure they are optimized, you’ll tap into the power of Pinterest and soon have an audience of raving fans.


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