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5 Pinterest Pin Design Tips to Save You Time and Energy

Creating pins for Pinterest can take hours. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have 5 Pinterest pin design tips that will save you time and energy! In our blog post today about batch creating pin designs you’ll see how to make the pin design process much less stressful.

How to Batch Design Your Pins for Pinterest:

1) Content Repurposing
Repurposing content from other channels is a quick and easy way to generate lots of new pin designs for Pinterest. Did you create a gorgeous graphic for a Facebook post? Re-size it and share it on Pinterest. Or maybe you created a great Instagram story graphic. Repurpose it as an idea pin on Pinterest.

The more you focus on content repurposing, the more you realize how much fresh content you can create from other social platforms. You can resize those images, change the fonts, colours or text and even share that content in a different format entirely.

2) Use Templates in Canva
With Canva, you can save yourself a lot of time by batching your pin designs. And, to make things even easier, consider purchasing pin templates or use the free templates that are available in Canva. Just make sure to customize them to suit your branding and sense of style. Spending time on pin designs is one of the top ways to gain visibility for your business and designing pins in large batches can greatly simplify the process.

3) Change The Text, Colours and Fonts
While your pin designs need to be eye-catching, they should also include a CTA or call to action. Get creative with your templates by swapping out the colours, fonts styles or text. Below are some examples of different pin titles that could be used for this blog post:
● Batch Your Pin Designs and Save Time
● Secrets for Fast & Easy Pin Design Creation
● 5 Tips for Quick & Easy Pin Design
Headlines are one of the most important elements in any design. Don’t be afraid to test different ones to see which ones resonate best with your audience.

4) Batch Design with Different Styles of Template
When designing your pins, be open to experimenting with different template styles for your pins. For example, you could try creating a template for your video pins with animations or, you could try infographics. You never know whether one of your template designs might lead to a viral pin.

5) Don’t Be Shy About Testing
With Pinterest, you generally want to stick with your branding but, you should experiment with different images, fonts and colours. The key is to create eye catching pins. And very few people will visit your profile to examine all your pins. So, you don’t need to worry if you deviate from your website branding.

The best way to have a limitless supply of fresh content for your Pinterest marketing strategy is to utilize these tips. Get creative, experiment and have fun with the process!

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