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Drive boatloads of traffic to your website and blog with help from a Pinterest Virtual Assistant in Waterloo.

Attract more clients and sales from a platform with over 400 million users.

What is Pinterest?

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest but most people think of it as a resource for recipes and decorating ideas. It’s true that Pinterest is a great resource for those things but, it’s also an awesome website traffic generating machine for all types of other businesses.


Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is actually a giant search engine rather than a social media platform. Unlike most social media platforms, Pinterest encourages users to leave the platform via outbound links whereas other platforms, like Facebook, want to keep you on their platform as long as possible so that you will click sponsored posts and they can rake in the dollars.

Hire a Pinterest Manager
Pinterest Management Services

Why HIRE A Pinterest MANAGER?

Pinterest has over 400 million users and what’s unique about it is that the vast majority of users are looking for help in making a buying decision.  This means that users are at the tail end of the buying cycle and much more likely to spend money. 


The typical Pinterest user earns a minimum $75K per year and so, they have the disposable income that most businesses are looking for from their customers.


Further, if you’re using social media to market your business then you probably know that the life of your content is anywhere from a few minutes or hours to a few days at the most.  With Pinterest, your content is evergreen and can be found months after it was posted and sometimes even years later not only on the Pinterest platform but also, on Google.

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Is Pinterest right for my business?

Pinterest is great for any business large or small.  Big brands like Whole Foods, Airbnb and Kate Spade use Pinterest as do stay at home Mom bloggers, home renovators, course creators and more.  

If you have a website and are creating content on a regular basis, then Pinterest is a great fit for you.  You can pin content from your blog, your service pages, your product pages and your sales pages.  You can also pin content from your ecommerce store.  Pinterest is ideal for driving traffic whether you have physical or digital products and offers or content from a blog, podcast or YouTube channel.


As a business owner, you are busy enough with the day to day to be able to devote the time to giving Pinterest enough attention.  One of the key components of success with the Pinterest platform is consistency.  If you can’t be consistent, then you won’t see results.  

When you hire a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA you can expect to see results within about 4-6 months.  Of course there are no guarantees as I don’t own the platform and Pinterest is always changing.  But part of my job is to dig into the analytics and keep up with changes so that I can course correct on your behalf along the way.  

Most people are shocked by how much traffic Pinterest generates after only a few months.  Pinterest frequently becomes the top traffic source for clients.  In addition, I have a sales background and so I understand what makes customers buy.   And, that also means that I value our partnership and will always get back to you in a timely manner if ever you have any questions.

Pinterest Management Packages

Pinterest Brand Strategy

set up your account for success

This package puts you on the path to success with Pinterest.  We conduct a full review of your business as well as your Pinterest account (if applicable) and provide a custom documented strategy that includes:

$797 CAD one time investment

Pinterest Monthly Management

account growth strategy

This is the perfect package for someone who desires support from a dedicated Pinterest Account Manager. In order to achieve the desired results for account growth, we implement the brand strategy on a monthly basis  & following the latest recommended formula for success.  A  minimum 6 month commitment is required.  This package includes:

Investment: $997 CAD per month

*Please note all prices are in CDN dollars.

Pin Designs

a la carte option

This option is perfect for you if you’re not ready for a Pinterest Manager 

but need support with the Pin Design part of your Pinterest Strategy.

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