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How Solopreneurs can quickly scale their business with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

In this post, I share how a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can help solopreneurs who have precious little time for marketing, build their businesses.


As a solopreneur, your time is precious. Every minute that you spend working on high value tasks that generate income, the more your income grows. Marketing is a key part of growing any business but as a solopreneur, the more you can automate or outsource marketing tasks, the more time you can spend on client work and talking to new prospective clients.

Social Media Marketing is Time Consuming

Social media marketing is very time consuming and although there are all kinds of automation tools to help you schedule content, it’s still time consuming getting that content scheduled. And, with many social media platforms, after all that work, your content may go unseen. The average lifespan of an Instagram post is 48 hours, a Facebook post is 3 hours, a tweet about 20 minutes but with Pinterest, pins can still get engagement up to a year after they’ve first been posted.


You may already be posting your content to Pinterest and if so that’s great but, you may not be getting the full benefit of using the platform. The key to success with Pinterest is consistent pinning which can be achieved with a tool like Tailwind but keyword research, descriptions, board and pin graphics are equally as important and not many solopreneurs have adequate time to devote to the platform.

How Pinterest marketing is Different

Pinterest is both a social media platform as well as a search engine. So, much like Google, keyword rich pins, boards and descriptions will help your content get seen. And, the content you share on Pinterest isn’t limited to written content, you can also pin your video or audio content as well as items from your online store.


Consider that Pinterest may be an untapped or undertapped goldmine for your business. Not only does the platform have over 400 million monthly active users but, users tend to have more disposable income than with other platforms and, they also tend to use the platform to make buying decisions. In addition, Pinterest can drive a ridiculous amount to traffic to your website or content. Further, if you have a local business, or are using SEO as part of your marketing strategy, Pinterest helps build more inbound links to your website.

How I Can Help with Pinterest Management Services

Going back to our original point in this blog post, as a solopreneur, devoting the time to getting the most out of the Pinterest platform is challenging for a solopreneur. And, if you’re not taking full advantage of Pinterest, you’re leaving money on the table.


I offer Pinterest Management Services and would love to help. Reach out and book a time to chat about your needs.